Eight Funniest Women Jokes That Might Be Too Sexist


Joking around is like free therapy that not only changes the moods of other people but also gives you extra confidence in social situations. You’re only one joke away to find your best friend or even your soul mate. There’s no doubt that people with a similar sense of humor bond more easily.

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However, you need to consider your audience very carefully before cracking jokes on issues related to gender or beliefs. While you could get away with some women jokes, others might be too sexist to tell in front of colleagues or acquaintances.

Let’s take a look at some funny women jokes that are actually quite sexist.

“What’s the one compliment women hate to receive? Hey, nice moustache!”

Women are literally called out when they embrace hair on their bodies or faces just because the beauty standard set up by the industry doesn’t align with their personal style.

Having body hair is a natural phenomenon that should be regarded as normal. Just as men aren’t questioned about having an excessive amount of body hair, women shouldn’t be either.

Women, if you ever receive a remark on your moustache, take it as a compliment and flaunt your moustache!

“Is Google a man or a woman? A woman of course, because it won’t let you finish your sentence without making a recommendation. ”

It’s one of those outrageous women jokes that’s actually true. Ask women around you for recommendations when you want to watch a chick flick or give a gift to a loved one instead of going online to search.

They can definitely give you the best recommendations that you need, leaving all those search engines behind.

“Why don’t women need a driver’s license?” “There’s no road from the kitchen to the bedroom.”

This sexist joke about women is hilariously bad. It assumes that women belong in the kitchen and are only responsible for taking care of children and doing household chores. In fact, women are fully capable of doing everything.

Not only can they take care of the entire house but maintain a work and personal life balance as well. The joke is quite offensive if you think about it and could get you a lot of angry looks.

 “Why are most archaeologists women?” “Because of their inherent ability to dig up the past.”

Archaeology is the study of human artifacts to learn about human history. Likewise, women absolutely love to dig the past out of someone particularly if they are in a relationship with you or you’re a close friend. There are many reasons behind that.

Some women love to go deep into their partner’s past out of curiosity because they simply want to know more about the person. However, the research can definitely go wrong if it’s done without the consent of the person. It can sow seeds of distrust between two partners.

“It’s my wife’s birthday tomorrow, she has been leaving jeweler catalogues all around the house so I bought her a magazine stand.”

The joke deals with the fact that women are notorious for giving hints to their better half so they are able to get a surprise gift on any special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day or birthday. It makes light of the assumption that women are like puzzles; the more complicated, the better.

It’s why their partners should pay close attention when they get a picture of her manicured nails with a tab open on her browser where she is checking out rings! Women love when guys are able to pick up on hints of what they want and surprise them.

“I asked Alexa what women want. This thing has been talking for six hours.”

A great virtual assistant, Alexa is available on a wide range of smart devices and tablets. While you’re bored, Alexa can definitely keep you entertained. It can entertain you with jokes, stories, and interesting trivia, and you need not enable extra capabilities to do so.

Ask her anything and she will show you her own sense of humor as well. This Alexa joke wittingly depicts how some women can ramble on about certain things. Be it about their relationship issues, their wants and needs, or their arguments on proving something.

“When a woman says she will get ready in five minutes, I know I’ve got enough time to fly to space and finish up building my Death Star before we go.”

Don’t let a woman fool you when she says she’ll get ready in a flash. They will spend an entire day or two getting ready for any occasion. Simply because girls love to dress up and show their best selves.

The Death Star is a fictional space station inspired by the Star Wars movie. It’s armed with a super laser that has the ability to destroy entire planets. So, guys, you’ve got enough time to make one!

My wife left a note on the fridge that said, “This isn’t working.” I’m not sure what she’s talking about. I opened the fridge door and it’s working fine!

Dark humor jokes aren’t meant for everybody, but if you’re someone with a dark side of humor, you may just prove to be the most intelligent and kind person out there. Even if you find humor in the darkest of times, you are less likely to take the world seriously.

This woman joke is hilarious because women in serious situations don’t like to be messed around. “This isn’t working” suggests that there are relationship problems that aren’t getting better, meaning you might be on the verge of a breakup.

If she leaves a note like that on a fridge, and you make fun of it. Either she would go crazy or she would laugh hysterically.

It’s easy to find millions of women’s jokes but you need to be aware of your surroundings. Despite the fact that jokes can greatly uplift someone’s emotions, you have to be aware of their sentiments as well.