Wealthy Biblical Characters Who Loved the Lord vs. Those Who Love Money


In terms of money, the Bible features a variety of information. From the extremely poor Ruth to the very affluent Queen Esther. From those in the middle, Simon and Peter, to those who have changed their socioeconomic standing during their lifetime.

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The Bible does also clarify that wealth does not define your worth in God’s eyes. There were numerous biblical characters that have been mentioned in the Bible, among them few were just interested in money, money, and more money.

While few followed God’s commandments and obeyed him. And all of them will suffer the exact consequences of their beliefs.

Two Wealthy Biblical Characters Who Loved God Over Money


The biblical narrative of Abraham is that he gets prosperity with virtue and places all of that under the sign of God’s favor. Abram had grown extremely wealthy in cattle, gold, and silver because he trusted God, and never stopped praying to God. He was always respectful of others and willing to assist those in need.

According to Genesis 12:2, God pledges not just to reward Abraham, but also that Abraham will be a blessing to all humans because of his righteousness. It means that he will receive God’s blessing, and all humans on the planet will benefit from him. As a result, Abraham is both the receiver of prosperity and the means through which others are blessed.


Isaac received his father’s fortune, which expanded to the level that the Philistines cordially requested him to relocate since he’d become too strong. Isaac relocated, but he couldn’t seem to stop acquiring wealth.

According to Genesis verse 26:24, “Lord said to him, I am the Lord of your father Abraham, Do not be frightened, because I am with you, and I will reward you and multiply your heirs.”

The Bible includes various examples of wealthier and more religious individuals. Among those Abraham and Isaac are two wealthy biblical characters who loved the Lord. Those gentlemen demonstrate that you can be wealthy and still have belief and serve God by assisting needy people. The Lord loved those people and mentioned their names with respect.

Biblical Guidelines for the Rich and Powerful Individuals

Saint Timothy once said, “Command people who are wealthy in this world not to be greedy, nor to place their faith in property, which is so illusory, but to put their faith in the Lord, who lavishly gives us just about everything for our happiness. Empower them by doing good, being wealthy in good acts, and being kind and eager to give.”

Don’t Become Arrogant

Work hard towards achieving success, but don’t consider yourself superior to someone because of your financial possessions. Remember the Lord is your creator, for it is he who provides you with the power to generate prosperity.

Don’t Keep Your Faith in Your Money

A strong career or business with consistent revenue can come and go in an instant. You might have wealth today but anything bad can happen tomorrow and all your money can be lost. So trust you Lord who will be with you in your bad time.

Be Kind to Share Your Wealth

Generous individuals work well together. They help to develop organizations and help others’ achievements. Consider this: who wants to conduct trade with somebody who is just keen to take?

Know, then, that your Lord is your Creator, the loyal God who keeps enduring love with all those who love him and obey his laws. Whoever accepts and follows Lord’s instructions is the one who respects him.

Two Wealthy Biblical Characters Who Loved Money Over The Lord

Samuel’s Kids, Joel Adored Wealth

Samuel was a decent youngster who grew up to be a renowned prophet in the sight of the Lord. Prophet Samuel is one of the rulers who reigned over Israel, and his character is an example for everybody to follow. His sons, Joel and Abiah, on the other hand, were nothing like him.

When Samuel was elderly, he assigned his 2 sons to be rulers over Israel in Beer-sheba. His sons, on the other hand, proved to be wealth seekers, as they abandoned their father’s excellent methods and became dishonest, taking bribes and not deciding cases fairly.

Zacchaeus Was a Money-Obsessed Man.

According to Luke 19:5, When Jesus was going through the town of Jericho, He came to a maple tree and looked up to see a specific guy named Zacchaeus in the tree. Zacchaeus was a wealthy top tax collector. He said to Zacchaeus, come down, I will remain at your house today.

So Zacchaeus came down quickly and joyfully greeted Jesus into his home. Zacchaeus stepped up in his house and said to Jesus, I give 50% of my possessions to the poor. And if I have deceived anybody, I will repay them fourfold.

This confession of Zacchaeus summarizes his background and explains why others labeled him a criminal. Zacchaeus, like Judas Iscariot, was addicted to money. Despite being a major tax collector and, most likely, highly compensated, he used illegal methods to generate money.

These were two wealthy biblical characters who did not love the Lord, yet there are many more who did the same and will definitely face the consequences in the end. The bible’s quite clear about greed.

According to Timothy

The desire for money is the source of all ills. Some have drifted away from religion and stabbed themselves with many aches as a result of this desire. They are the ones who have ruined their paradise with their own hands.

According to Ecclesiastes

“Those who value money will not be content with money, and those who love luxury will not be satisfied with their earnings; both will be in vanity. This is the punishment for those who forget that their Lord had given them all this wealth and they use it to hurt others.”

According to Matthew 6:19-21

“Do not keep up goods on the planet, where rust and corrosion destroy and burglars damage things and steal, but hold up treasures in paradise, in which neither rust nor corrosion destroys and thieves can not steal. Because where your wealth is, your spirit and thoughts will be there as well.”

According to Mathew 6:13-33

“So don’t be concerned about What we will eat? What might we drink or What will we dress? Gentiles desire all of these things and your father in heaven knows you require them all. But pursue only the Kingdom of God on earth, and all these goods will be provided to you.”


Wealth comes with a slew of trials and tribulations. If you are already wealthy according to God’s standards. Your worldly success should be a tribute to him. Enjoy the blessings God has bestowed upon you while being polite to others, doing good acts, helping others, and being kind to those in need.

Jesus is the most giving and kind person. He abandoned the luxuries of heaven, for us. We are supposed to be kind in respect to Jesus’ generosity.