Squirrel Jokes That Will Crack Everyone up


These adorable furry creatures have been a subject of some quite hilarious jokes. If you think about it, this format of humor has been included in quite a lot of books as well as television shows. There was actually an entire episode titled “Squirrel jokes,” in the popular comedy series, SpongeBob SquarePants.

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If you are looking for some different jokes to crack your friends up at a dinner or a house party, you are in luck! With a few humorous squirrel jokes, you are bound to have everyone in the room laughing out loud.

Q: Do you know what type of TV squirrels watch? A: Well duh, Nut-flix!

This is an obvious wordplay on the fact that squirrels love nuts, their entire lives are about nuts. Hence, their kind of TV would also involve “nuts,” no? So, instead of watching Netflix, which is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, squirrels watch “Nut-Flix.”

It is quite funny and will get at least a few smiles from friends and family members. Some may even roll their eyes but given the joke, that should be acceptable.

Q: What is a squirrel’s favorite ballet? A: The Nutcracker!

You may have already heard this popular joke and most kids have cracked up at one point or the other. The joke plays on the famous ballet “The Nutcracker,” which has been hugely successful over the years. As it turns out, squirrels also appreciate good art and it is one of their favorite ballets too!

Who would have thought, right? But this is very obvious, again, with the “nut” in the title. This joke will surely get a few smiles around the room.

Q: What did the romantic squirrel give to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day? A: Some wholesome forget-me-nuts.

Now, this joke may take a little time to sink in. As you may already know, forget-me-nots are flowers that are often regarded as a symbol of true love. The humor takes that into account and includes some witty word play as well.

Since the Valentine’s day gift is from one squirrel to another, there have to be “nuts” involved in one way or the other!

Q: Why don’t squirrels have friends? A: Because they drive everyone nuts!

It is quite a funny joke if you think about it as squirrels do drive a lot of people “nuts” too. While you may get a few eye rolls with this joke, it will have a lot of people smiling as well. The humor makes light of the fact that squirrels cannot have any friends as they drive them away as well.

Q: Why is it a bad idea to work for squirrels? A: They pay peanuts!

This is one of those hilarious squirrel jokes that you cannot miss with. There is a lot of animal humor that sheds light on different matters. If you consider this joke, it makes light of working conditions and how squirrels are bad employers as they pay “peanuts.” 

Q: What do you call a squirrel who is in charge of a bank? A: A branch manager.

You’re probably judging yourself for laughing at that and may get a lot of skeptical looks as well. The joke makes sense when you think about a squirrel on a “branch” managing that branch. The only branch a squirrel can manage is the one on a tree!

Squirrel Puns That Are Quite Witty

If the squirrel jokes above got to you, these squirrel puns won’t let you down either. You can have the audience laughing or smiling with you in a short span of time.

Q: Why are squirrels so good at explaining things? A: Because they explain it to you in a nutshell!

This is not your usual squirrel joke and must’ve been new for some of you. In-a-nutshell means giving a short and concise explanation, which fits in the context of the joke. With a witty pun on the word “nut,” the statement becomes quite humorous.

Q: You were mauled by a gang of squirrels. You want to sue them but no lawyer wants to take your case, why? A: Well, because you are nuts!

It’s funny how the entire story in the question gets you invested in knowing the outcome. However, the answer is always a “nut” or “nuts.” The importance of a nut for squirrels is lost to one!

Did You Know Squirrel Jokes Could Be Dirty?

Well, you are about to be surprised! Be prepared, squirrels will never be the same for you after reading these dirty jokes.

Q: Why don’t squirrels wear skinny jeans? A: Because their nuts won’t fit.

If you got it already, no one’s judging you. Make sure that you consider your audience carefully before telling this joke. In case there are children or youngsters in the audience, it is best to avoid this one because it may be quite inappropriate for some people.

Q: What do you call a squirrel with no nuts? A: Female squirrel.

This one is not exactly dirty but can crack most people up. The pun plays on the word “nuts,” which is associated with squirrels quite popularly. You can crack this joke at a dinner table with your siblings or close friends who might just laugh out loud!

In school, we learned that squirrels stick their nuts in trees. So, just like my uncle Dave…”

This joke may take some time to understand and if you have an uncle named Dave, it’s best to avoid it. The humor comes from a witty play on the squirrel’s favorite food and how they store it. While the joke can be offensive to most people who are known as “Dave,” it will get more than a few laughs at a party or gathering.

Would you have ever thought some “squirrel jokes” could crack you up that much? Or rather, that funny squirrel jokes could mean dirty jokes? Ridiculously hilarious! They may all be about nuts, but they do the trick!