Five Positive Mantras to Feel Great About Life


Are you someone who spends most of your time in your bed? Do you ever wake up, keep sitting on your bed and ask yourself, what day is it again? Monday, Friday, Sunday, what’s the point of knowing? Every day feels the same, and you feel stuck in a loop.

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Most things don’t excite you anymore, and there is nothing much to look forward to, and the mere fact that you got out of your bed is an accomplishment in itself. If you can relate to it, positive mantras may hit the nail on the head for you.

What Is a Positive Mantra?

A positive mantra is the words you say to yourself to stay motivated and focused. Usually, they are said to aid meditation. For the best results, they have to be repeated frequently. Those suffering from stress and anxiety work wonders by bringing them out of depression.

From health to wealth, there are mantras for everything. They make sure that you stay optimistic and see the goodness in every situation. No matter who you are, you must have rough days in your life when you feel down.

So, it won’t be far from the truth to say that everyone can benefit from positive mantras. To achieve your goals, you must stay hopeful at all costs. If you haven’t tried them yet, maybe this is when you should start practicing them. Along with the ones mentioned below, you can also practice black affirmations.

Benefits of Positive Mantras

There is a lot to debate regarding the benefits of mantras. While many people see them as a driving force and motivation, some think of them as false hopes that you temporarily give yourself to feel better.

It’s no secret that words have the power. When articulated, they can make you or break you. One would argue that vision is the more superior sense, but there’s no denying that words do have the power to cause a behavioral change.

From business setbacks to poor grades, everyone faces bad times at some point in their lives. However, practicing the positive mantra enables you to program your mind so that you start seeing goodness in every situation. You believe that the outcome will always be good for you.

Cope with Depression

It’s no secret that hopelessness and depression do nothing but worsen the situation. Depression has been shown to affect one’s daily life drastically. From relationships to work, it influences everything, and as a result, even a minor setback causes immense mental stress. So, without an iota of doubt, your mental health takes a hit, which is reflected clearly in your daily life.

Practicing has been very helpful for millions of people. From sick to broke, these mantras have helped people from all segments of life, which is why it is now being practiced more than ever before.

Another obvious benefit that has been associated with the use of mantras is that they result in improved concentration. If you have a short attention span and struggle to concentrate, they can help you get in the right frame of mind to learn things that you need to. As a result, you feel more control over your mind and calm.

Aside from that, practicing it has also been linked with better memory and improved mood. They improve the health of your brain and improve its functioning.

How to Practice Positive Mantras

Well, there is no fixed way to practice mantras. Some mantras are mere vowel sounds, such as Aum, or they can also be other Sanskrit words. You can also say certain things to make yourself better. Once you have decided which mantra suits you best, here’s how you can do it.

Find a Comfortable Place

The first step of doing a positive mantra is getting comfortable. Since mantra is related to the mind, you have to be at peace first to get the best results. For this purpose, find a place where you feel comfortable. You can do this while sitting on the floor, or even a chair on your lawn would work just fine.

Set a Timer

Consider setting a timer before starting a mantra, so you know how long it takes. Depending on your attention span, you can decide for yourself. Usually, it’s somewhere between 5 to 30 minutes. Make sure you don’t bite more than you can chew and choose a reasonable time. Once you start getting along, you can increase this period gradually. Don’t use a harsh tone on the timer.

Take Deep Breaths

All you need to do is take a deep breath and try to forget about the problems you have in your life. Feel relaxed and feel the air that you are inhaling. Don’t try to breathe too fast, and it’s recommended to breathe with your nose only. If you struggle with your breathing rhythm, this step may help you find it.

Say the Mantra

This is the time when you start saying your mantra. Just stay calm and say it slowly. You can either chant or whisper it; it’s completely up to you. Whatever you find helpful, keep repeating it for your decided time.

Finish the Meditation

Once you have practiced for the decided time, you can finish your meditation gradually. Don’t jump up and start with your routine chores right away. It’s a good rule of thumb to sit there for a while and evaluate whether you feel better or not. This will help you track the progress and see whether this whole thing is working for you or not.

Five Positive Mantras to Feel Great About Life

Here are a few wholesome mantras to make you feel better about life:

I’m Capable

Remember, everyone faces ups and downs in their lives. So, it’s better to prepare your mind for bad times. Using affirmations can help a great deal in this regard. Keep saying I’m capable, and ultimately, you’ll feel that strength inside you.

I’m Enough

From entrepreneurs to students, everyone comes across challenges in their lives. To better prepare yourself for those challenges, mantras, such as I’m enough, may come in handy for you.

I Love My Life

Let the mantra session remind you how grateful you are to be alive. Life is a great blessing and if you have been too harsh on yourself lately, consider using this mantra.

I Have Everything I Want

Do you want to earn more, save more, succeed in life, and whatnot? It’s okay to want things, but don’t forget to be thankful for what you already have and what you have accomplished in life.

I’m Happy

The goal is to become a warrior, not a worrier. So, disregard all the negative thoughts and fight back against the problems you have in your life.

Final Thoughts

For those troubling with anxiety, positive mantras work wonders. It has also been associated with improved brain health and memory. The process involves choosing a comfortable place and repeating the mantra until you feel better.