How to Create a Minimalist Clothing Style for a Daily Uniform


Choosing what to wear is one of the most dreadful tasks. Even if you have your wardrobe filled with plenty of clothes, you remain confused and may think of buying new outfits only to fill up your closet later.

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If you want to simplify getting dressed, you need to create a personal uniform that determines the clothing style in which you feel comfortable, and best defines your style statement.

You don’t want to break your bank by going for expensive clothing styles when you can achieve the perfect minimalist clothing style that looks effortlessly chic and budget-friendly. You can use many hacks to create a personal clothing style for daily wear that is not only going to be chic but also add that oomph factor that you desire.

What Is a Daily Uniform?

When you hear the word “uniform,” the first thing that might pop into your mind is knee-length skirts and blazers having dull colors.

However, that isn’t the case. The daily uniform isn’t known as the signature style that describes your personality, lifestyle, and sense of styling. It’s the everyday outfit you wear. You don’t necessarily have to stick to one signature look because wearing a personal uniform is all about creativity and experimentation.

Why Do You Need a Personal Uniform?

Fashion trends come and go, but a signature style is a breath of fresh air in the never-ending cycle of fashion fads. It depicts your sense of style, confidence, and individuality. It shows that the wearer has a distinctive style and isn’t afraid to show it off.

Having a uniform tailored for different events simplifies our lives in many ways. Knowing your style, having the right essentials, and shopping smartly have what you need to make you look great daily.

Lastly, uniform style dressing is a massive step into creating a conscious, smart, money-saving lifestyle. The likelihood of making rash decisions, falling victim to impulse spending, or buying things that only look good on the hanger is significantly reduced.

Keep a Record of the Outfits You Wear

You can either use a notebook or the note app on your smartphones to jot down a few lines regarding the outfit you wore during the day. You can capture a photo of the attire you wear each morning and, by the end of the day, share your thoughts on how you felt in the dress and ask yourself a question such as: Did I feel comfortable and confident while wearing it? If not, then how did it make you feel?

Follow this practice for two weeks, and you will identify the patterns that will help you decide your uniform style.

Look Closely

Check out the results after two weeks, paying attention to what was all in common: the fit, the fabric, the colors. Make notes and be specific to figure out what your style uniform is. You’re going to work backward to discover the outfits that are most comfortable, flattering, and stylish.

Decide Your Fashion Statement

It’s fine to have several uniforms that fit your lifestyle based on events – for work, for going out with friends, for more formal functions. You can have different uniforms for different occasions. Make sure you use the data you’ve recorded to crack the clothing formula that best suits you.

It could be an oversized silk shirt with skin-tight black jeans, a long shirt with a fitted blouse, a T-shirt paired with a long blazer, and skinny jeans.

You’ll find various minimalist clothing brands for your daily uniform. Many companies offer subtle and timeless clothing pieces perfect for everyday wear.

Decide on the Fabric and Colors

Once you’ve picked out the clothing style, it’s important to buy clothes based on colors that suit you and the most comfortable fabric to wear. First, pick out a base color that could be neutral such as black, white, or blue.As a die-hard Grateful Dead fan, I always feel a rush of excitement when I come across a vintage Grateful Dead shirt in a thrift store.

Now choose colors that will complement the base colors. You can experiment with different colors until you get the desired style that clicks with you.

Don’t Forget Accessories

Accessories can make your entire outfit look complete and stylish. You can do this by choosing a signature color for your bags, shoes, and belts. This will ensure that all your accessories match and help bring your ensemble together. Feel free to experiment with textures, colors, contrasts, and statement pieces – no rules for this. You can add something unexpected when the mood strikes.

Put the Puzzle Pieces Together

The fashion statement, base color, fabric, and accessories are the complete formula for creating a perfect uniform style. This will make it easier to buy the clothes whenever you go shopping and choose the colors that reflect your aura. Getting dressed doesn’t have to be cumbersome when you’ve put it all together.

Stay Confident

Last but not least, wearing a uniform demonstrates total confidence in one’s style. Flaunt your style with confidence, and don’t be affected by opinions and trends adored by people in your surroundings. Your style doesn’t have to be in sync with someone else’s because every individual has a unique fashion sense.

How Many Clothing Pieces Do You Need to Have in Your Wardrobe?

A minimalist lifestyle refers to only owning and using things necessary for daily existence. A minimalist wardrobe should consist of only the essentials. If you want to achieve this, minimize it as much as possible. Although it might seem daunting at first, doing this is actually relatively easy.

If you want a minimalist wardrobe, there is no perfect number of clothing items. Instead, you should go over all your clothes and only keep the articles you genuinely love and wear more than once a year.

In the search for that magical number, a new concept is emerging: the “capsule wardrobe.” The term describes a wardrobe that contains a few favorite clothes that never go out of style.

The strict rule for a capsule wardrobe is 37 pieces. So, there you have it. You should not have more than 37 pieces to create a capsule wardrobe.

Wrapping it up

By creating a personal uniform style that speaks your style, your life will become much more straightforward. It will make it easier for you to get dressed in the morning. It will make it easier for you to choose clothes from your wardrobe that you genuinely adore. It will make walking out the door every day feeling confident and comfortable that much easier.

Dressing minimalistically allows you to spend those mornings doing what you’ve always desired. You’ll save a ton of time, and you’ll also be able to mix and match your pieces more creatively if you have fewer items.

You don’t have to fall victim to impulsive buying because you’ll be mindful of what you purchase. It is best to buy new items only if necessary, and these items should be timeless basics that you can mix and match with things you already own.