Michael Jackson Jokes for When You Are Missing the King of Pop


There are a few things in the world that go beyond the concepts of borders, languages, and cultures. Music is one such thing that can be enjoyed by everyone in the world regardless of the country they live in or the language they speak. There are many people in the world who enjoy music that they can’t even understand. The success of K-pop in the United States is the perfect example of the fact that music has no boundaries.

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Michael Jackson was also one of those pop stars who was loved universally. His music continues to inspire people all over the world.

Michael Jackson Jokes

The Internet has a language of its own. Whether there is good news or bad news, the digital world tends to react to it with jokes and memes. If you are not familiar with the jokes on the Internet, you might have trouble understanding the language of the World Wide Web. Like every other popular person and news story, plenty of Michael Jackson jokes have also been made and shared on the Internet.

There are many great jokes that can remind you of the legendary singer and star. Let’s take a look at a few!

The One Glove

Michael Jackson was not just a pop star but also a fashion icon. His style continues to inspire the world of fashion even today. Some of his fashion choices such as wearing one glove became so popular that they also get referenced in jokes. Here’s one about the coronavirus and how Michael Jackson could have gotten it if he was alive today:

“How did Michael Jackson get corona?”

“He was only wearing one glove.”

PSA: Keep yourself protected from coronavirus by wearing gloves on both hands.

Song Title

The music of Michael Jackson reached unimaginable heights of popularity. The titles of many of his songs have become a part of our everyday vocabulary. You can mention a song of his in any gathering and a few people will recognize it instantly. Due to the popularity of his songs, they have also been referenced in jokes. Here’s one example:

“What’s the name of the clothes shop Michael Jackson visited the most?”

“Billie JEANS.”

There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard of the iconic song “Billie Jean.” Even those who have listened toBillie Jean” only once would never forget the title.

Favorite Indian City

There are certain things about celebrities that accidentally become famous and then they never leave the memory of people. Michael Jackson has been a part of a huge population’s childhood. But the He-He of Michael Jackson has also been popularized by the same generation. Today, that hehe has made it into some jokes:

“What is Michael Jackson’s favorite Indian city?”

“New Del he-he.”

The joke certainly makes it seem that Michael Jackson liked spending time in New Delhi, India.

Public Safety

People find it quite hard to listen to and follow instructions. But in times like these when we are fighting a global pandemic, it is important to do as the health professionals say. Beating a disease by keeping yourself safe is better than falling sick and damaging your internal organs. Michael Jackson was definitely ahead of his time when he was wearing that mask:

“Remember laughing at Michael Jackson wearing a mask and gloves?”

“Now you are all out there looking like you wanna be starting something!”

So, keep on wearing your mask and gloves to protect yourself from coronavirus.

Another Glove Joke? Why Not!

When it comes to artists who are loved by millions, everyone keeps talking about their mannerisms and how they present themselves. But it was Michael Jackson who popularized the idea of pop singers dressing up. Today, we can’t imagine a pop singer without a good fashion sense.

So, here’s another glove joke in honor of the fashion icon:

“I’m having mixed feelings about being a Michael Jackson impersonator.

On one hand, you get to wear a cool white glove.

On the other hand, you don’t.”

Well, you may feel weird about wearing just one glove but you can’t deny it looked pretty cool when Michael Jackson did it.


Internet jokes aren’t complete without puns and word play. Everyone loves it when it takes the audience a few seconds to figure out what the joke was. Due to this reason, such jokes will never get old. Even if they do, the Internet will make up new ones so we never run out of puns and word play jokes. Here’s another joke about Michael Jackson’s He-He that focuses on word play:

“I have an extremely rare phobia of Michael Jackson joining the group that sang ‘Stayin’ Alive.’”

“It gives me the Hee-Hee Bee Gees.”

Like Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” “Staying’ Alive” by the Bee Gees is also popular even today. Now, you are thinking of a collaboration between the two artists that will never happen.


Michael Jackson released more than a hundred songs during his career. He also released 10 studio albums. Each album has iconic songs on it that people listen to even after all this time. It goes to show that music not only has no borders, but it also has no age. Collecting albums is one of the favorite activities of fans. Here’s a joke about it:

“I only have one Michael Jackson album, it’s Bad”

Before you get mad, there’s a Michael Jackson album called Bad. Go check it out today if you haven’t already. You will learn that it’s not ‘Bad’ at all. In fact, the name of the album is a complete opposite of the music on it.

Listening to the music of Michael Jackson is an experience unlike any other. But laughing at silly jokes on the Internet is also pretty fun. You can learn the jokes mentioned above about Michael Jackson, his iconic fashion sense, and his songs to share with your friends at your next gathering. You will definitely make the whole room laugh with these jokes and make them miss Michael Jackson at the same time.