Five Useful Tips to Keep Gnats Away From Your Face


There is nothing more annoying than the sight of gnats flying around your face outdoors. Apart from being unpleasant, they can bite you as well. So, you have to find a way to tackle gnats if you want to enjoy your day to the fullest.

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Knowing how to deal with the gnats is the first step towards having a great time outdoors. It may be often overlooked, but gnats are quite common in nature. If you are thinking about how to keep gnats away from your face, there are quite a few useful tips that can be applied.

How Do Gnats Survive?

The larvae of gnats can thrive in moist atmospheres over time. While they can bite, the creatures don’t like drinking blood. As a matter of fact, some species of gnats don’t even eat or drink at all. As with every insect, gnats have a role to play in the ecosystem. They serve as a source of food for birds and animals, and also play their part in the pollination of flowers.

There are different kinds of gnats, all of which thrive in different weather conditions. The fungus gnat, for example, likes growing in wet atmospheres. Extreme temperatures (too high or too low) can kill them.

Are Gnats Commonly Found Outdoors?

Gnats tend to fly in swarms across various places or regions. They are commonly found in playgrounds, lakes and rivers, and near walking trails. So if you plan to have an outdoor event in one of those places, chances are that the gathering could be ruined by the presence of gnats.

A swarm of gnats may have insects of many species, such as fruit flies, black flies, and biting midges, to name a few. It’s also worth noting that they are often mistaken for mosquitoes. Like mosquitoes, they are more of a seasonal insect than an all-year nuisance.

Are Gnats Dangerous?

Most gnats are not particularly to humans but can become attracted to people. However, be mindful that some of them can bite if they get close. In most cases, their bites cause itches, which are not alarming and generally get better over time. They often hover around the points of moisture on your face, such as eyes, nose, and mouth, and cause minor problems.

In extreme cases, gnat bites may lead to anaphylaxis, which is a deadly allergic reaction. If you experience trouble breathing after getting bitten by a gnat, we recommend reaching out to a doctor immediately.

What Are Gnats Attracted to?

If you are wondering how to keep gnats away from your face, you should know that they are attracted to sweet smells. This is the reason why they are often flying around the fruits. Fruits are kept in refrigerators or trash cans to keep gnats away from them. Similarly, avoid wearing sweet-scented perfumes and lotions when going outdoors.

This will invite gnats, and to worsen the situation, there is never one of them as they come in swarms. So, wearing sweet-scented perfumes in summers could cause quite a few problems. Another major part of the reason why gnats attack your face is the fact that their receptors guide them towards carbon dioxide. When you exhale it, gnats can become attracted to it. Your body’s moisture and heat also makes gnats move closer as they thrive in those conditions.

How to Keep Gnats Away from Your Face

In order to keep them away successfully, you can apply quite a few useful tips and tricks.

Wear a Hat

Wearing a hat is the simplest thing that you can do to prevent gnats from sitting on your face. Actually, gnats follow the carbon dioxide and can follow that to your face which could become their main target. It’s a good idea to wear glasses and protect your eyes if you have spotted a gnat.

Since they fly in swarms, this may not keep all of them off your face. But it can make a whole lot of difference as gnats sit at the highest point of your body (which would be the hat, of course). Hats with gnats netting are available in the market. The net of these hats comes in handy as it keeps them from getting inside.

Dab Cooking Oil on Your Face

Cooking oils are known to repel gnats successfully. Experts recommend using olive oil, vegetable oil, and coconut oil to keep gnats away from your face. For this purpose, dab the oil on your face to mask your natural scent. All you need to do is get a piece of towel or cotton ball and soak it into any of the aforementioned oils and dab it on your skin.

Rub Natural Plants

Pine trees have shown great results when it comes to repelling gnats. If you are strolling around and are constantly bugged by gnats, look for a pine tree nearby. Rubbing the inside of a pine branch on your forehead and other vulnerable areas of the body may just hit the nail on the head for you.

Use Insecticides

Using chemicals is an efficient way to keep gnats away from your yard. If you are sick and tired of gnats in your house, consider using insecticides. Insecticides having pyrethrins are considered more effective than other chemicals for eliminating gnats.

In order to get rid of the gnats using chemicals, just spray the insecticide directly into the soil where gnats often fly, and you will see the effects in a short span of time. However, bear in mind that in extreme cases, this may affect your yard as well.

Apply Homemade Remedies

Natural home remedies work wonders and protect your face from gnats. You can use lemon, vinegar, and vanilla extract (diluted) on your face to repel gnats. While gnats are a fan of the sweet scent of fruits, they cannot endure the smell of the aforementioned liquids. A little spritz of these liquids will keep them at bay.

Warm days and nights might be a reason for you to go out and enjoy the day. However, the presence of gnats may take your attention and cause you to leave early as well. Since they are attracted to carbon dioxide, you might find it quite challenging to eliminate them as it is present everywhere outdoors. To keep them away from your face, you can protect your face by covering it with a hat and glasses. Using lemon or cooking oil may also work for you.