Ear Ringing Omens and Explanations


People have been attributing explanations and meanings to natural and biological phenomena since the dawn of time. In the Roman Empire, body symptoms were considered omens and were a very serious matter if they occurred to notorious people.

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The theory behind this was immortalized in 77 AD by a Roman author called Pliny the Elder in the Natural History encyclopedia. 

But how has the popular wisdom revolved around body symptoms evolved since then? It is well known that many body symptoms have medical causes and explanations.

However, sometimes science and medicine fall short when it comes to why things happen and how to fix them. This is where alternative knowledge comes in to offer its insight. Popular knowledge has been attributing omens to bodily symptoms for a long time now. 

What Are the Omens Behind Ear Ringing?

But what is an omen anyway? Also called a portent or a presage, omens are phenomenons believed to tell the future. In ancient times, people thought them to be divine messages from gods. They can manifest in many different forms, including eclipses or abnormal births of animals or humans.

Of course, many omens are believed to manifest through bodily symptoms as well. 

The ear has aroused the fascination of many spiritual experts and cultures. It features a sacred spiral that represents growth, evolution, and eternity. It’s a fundamental part of our organism that translates sounds from the world to the brain. There are a plethora of explanations on why people can experience ringing or humming in their ears. In this article, we’ll tell you all about popular wisdom’s insight on ear ringing. 

Why Do Your Ears Ring – Ear Ringing as a Gossip Indicator

Ear ringing can be puzzling and downright irritating. Furthermore, if it is strong enough, it even has the potential to cause mood shifts. It can cause peaceful, calm, or even angry, fearful, or irritable feelings to overwhelm you. If one or both of your ears is ringing or humming, it is convenient to assess its medical or esoteric background so you can understand it and hopefully flow with it.  

One possible meaning behind ear ringing, humming, or burning is that somebody, somewhere, is talking or gossiping about you. Your ear, being the body part that transmits sound, would then be picking up the vibrations of the gossiping. 

In fact, the urban legend supporting this idea says that if that person is speaking well of you, the sensation will be in your right ear. And if they are speaking ill of you, the sensation will manifest in the left ear. Some people believe that if you experience the noise in your left ear, you can bite your tongue gently to neutralize the negativity you are receiving! 

Ear Ringing as a Sign of Spiritual Awakening

Another omen attributed to the ringing of the ears is related to spiritual awakening. Many believe that some people are more sensitive to the energy around them, and the white noise they hear from their ringing ears may be the divine energy coming from the universe itself or the sound of creation.

Furthermore, some experts believe the buzzing or humming noise can result from your third eye trying to adjust. The idea behind this is that as you raise your personal frequency, you tune into subtle vibrations from other realms. This process causes an adjustment in your energies and chakras, which may manifest as humming in your ears.

Ear Ringing as a Sign of Psychic Awakening

Some people also consider ear ringing to be a sign from spiritual guides or other entities that you may be developing the gift of clairaudience. It is the ability to receive messages through your hearing from other-worldly beings, and it’s a transmission that may take place in higher realms of consciousness.  

In the initial stages of becoming clairaudient, the veil between the spiritual world and the material world has just been lifted, but the person is incapable of interpreting the noises yet, so they hear buzzing or humming. It is one of the first signs of becoming clairaudient.  

You would need to hone in on your skill to develop your clairaudience enough to fully understand the messages that are being transmitted to you. To do so, follow these instructions when experiencing ear ringing. Focus on observing your bodily and mental reactions to it without trying to make meaning of it. Focus on the sensation and hold space for the energy.  

Ear Ringing Depending on the Ear

The reasoning behind which ear signals “good” and which signals “bad” has been attributed to the brain’s different functions. The right side is deemed to be related to the unifying holistic approach to existence, while the right side is associated with a fragmented, separatist approach. 

According to most superstitions, the left ear ringing omen is usually negative. It’s a warning related to your physical and material life. It may be a warning of danger, an indicator that you should be wary of the people around you as well as the situation you are in. Left ear ringing could indicate that relationships or projects that we have investing in will not be fruitful. 

The right ear ringing omen is associated with the spiritual side, and therefore it is thought to have different causes. While it may occasionally indicate that you’re straying from your path, right ear ringing is usually thought to be positive. It can signify good news or fortune, as well as the beginning of a new chapter. Many believe that it is a message from heaven or God.  

Ear Ringing Depending on the Frequency You Hear

There are also different ear ringing meanings depending on whether the ringing is high pitched or not. High pitched ringing is the most common, and it brings with it pleasant feelings such as ease and calmness. 

If the ringing is high pitched, it could be a signal that: 

  • You’ve had relationship problems 
  • You’re temporarily out of balance on a spiritual path 
  • You may be revealing too much of yourself 
  • A significant life change may come your way 

However rare it may be, low pitched ringing may occur. It is generally perceived as negative, and it can signal a psychic attack. It can be people talking negatively about you or purposely directing negative energy your way. This ringing should alert you to protect yourself. 

Ear Ringing Depending on the Time of Day

According to the ancient Chinese book Tung Shu, 12 signs and omens for each ear correspond to a specific 2-hour time slot throughout the day. 

  • 11 PM to 1 AM, left ear ringing – a loved one has you in their thoughts. Right ear ringing – you will suffer some sort of monetary loss in the future.
  • 1 AM to 3 AM, left ear ringing – you disagree with somebody. Right ear ringing – you’re going to have a severe argument with someone.
  • 3 AM to 5 AM, left ear ringing – you’re going to suffer a monetary loss in the future. Right ear ringing – someone will keep you very busy.
  • 5 AM to 7 AM, left ear ringing – you will have a great meal or feast. Right ear ringing – a friend is going to come and visit you very soon.
  • 7 AM to 9 AM, left ear ringing – you will have an exciting journey or voyage. Right ear ringing – a friend is already on their way to see you.
  • 9 AM to 11 AM, left ear ringing – a bad situation could happen. Right ear ringing – good luck and fortune will likely occur.
  • 11 AM to 1 PM, left ear ringing – you will receive a message or letter from someone who lives far away. Right ear ringing – a close friend or relative from far away will visit you.
  • 1 PM to 3 PM, left ear ringing: you will party or drink soon. Right ear ringing – a friend who lives a long distance will come and visit you.
  • 3 PM to 5 PM, left ear ringing – you will embark on a grand adventure or journey. Right ear ringing – you will participate in a happy event or celebration.
  • 5 PM to 7 PM, left ear ringing – you will suffer a monetary loss. Right ear ringing – you will have good fortune and luck.
  • 7 PM to 9 PM, left ear ringing – you are partaking in a great feast or celebration. Right ear ringing – a friend is coming to see you.
  • 9 PM to 11 PM, left ear ringing – you will have good luck and fortune. Right ear ringing – you will soon be involved in a feast or celebration. 


A very mystical body symptom, there is a myriad of possible meanings offered by spiritual experts and medical experts as to why you may be experiencing ear ringing.

All in all, reading about scientific and esoteric causes can help you understand why you are experiencing this phenomenon. You’ll be able to appease the ringing, or maybe even harness its power for something greater!