Essential Questions Regarding AAA Service Answered


If you get stuck somewhere due to a car problem, it can quickly turn into a headache. It would help if you had correct assistance at the right time to help you get out of the issue. Your AAA service membership can be used for fuel, tow and lock, and key services.

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If you’re wondering do I have to be with my car for AAA to tow it, then be assured that the membership is for the person. So you need to be with the vehicle for the services to be available. This means that even if you are with your friend and you require these services, they can be given to you if you are a member.

There are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed for AAA service. Clarifying these questions could make matters easier for you.

Will AAA Tow a Car to My House?

If you have a AAA service membership, then you can choose a destination of your choice for your vehicle to be towed. The car owner can decide if they want their car towed to their house or even a repair shop.

But if you are running short on budget, you will likely choose your home over a repair shop as the final destination of your car to be towed. But what’s the disadvantage of this? If your vehicle is not in working condition, you will have to call for the service again to be towed for the second time. But keep in mind that a AAA service will only provide the service once, and calling them a second time would mean paying additional costs.

Can You Ride with a AAA Truck Driver?

Even though you can ride with the trailer driver, you are not allowed to travel in the vehicle that is being towed as that is extremely dangerous and should be avoided. It is recommended to call for a friend or a family member for assistance in such a scenario.

How Soon Can You Avail the AAA Membership?

The majority of customers begin with the basic membership, which can be used immediately. But certain services for vehicles other than cars have a waiting time before they can be availed.

You need to wait up to seven days before you can use additional services for your motorcycle or recreational vehicles after you sign up for an upgrade.

Does AAA Cover My Car If Someone Else Is Driving?

You need to know that having an active AAA member will cover the person regardless if they are a passenger or behind the driving wheel. If you are a passenger and you need the services to get your car towed, you need to have a valid photo ID and license on hand with you.

Even though it is not a requirement that you need to be driving the vehicle, you need to be present at the spot to receive coverage for these services. In case you are not present, the operator will be denied these services and be charged fully.

Can I Use AAA Without My Card?

As mentioned earlier, a valid membership AAA card and a photo ID needs to be presented to avail such services. The roadside association follows this policy to prevent fraud in case of an AAA card being stolen.

AAA Application

Since AAA has a technologically advanced service, you can also have a AAA application installed in your smartphone regardless of whether you are an android or iPhone user. Within this app, you can scan your membership card, which can be used as an alternative to your physical membership card. Hence it is recommended that as soon as you buy the membership, install the application and update your card in it.

In case of an emergency, you can use your virtual membership card as long as you have cellphone reception. Combined together with your valid photo ID, a virtual card would be sufficient. If all of this fails, then you can pay for the service, keep the receipt and claim a refund within the 60-day policy.

Understand That AAA Has Different Levels of Membership

You can opt for two types of membership: a basic plan or a plus or premium plan. If you have a basic membership, your car is towed five miles from its present location. However, a plus membership will ensure coverage up to 100 miles.

You can pay an additional $30 or $65 to get your family members covered for AAA membership if you like. This will ensure that even if your family members drive your car, they will be extended the AAA membership and can avail those services whenever needed.

But better to remember, that if your vehicle has preexisting faults or is heavy-duty, then it might be possible to move the trailer, and you might be asked to pay for the cost of moving heavy-duty vehicles.

How Many Times Will AAA Tow My Car?

The rules regarding this indicate that the service can be availed up to four times a year. Hence, if your car is not well maintained, it might suffer more damage and require more assistance than it should. This might turn out to be highly costly in the long run. It is better to use these services only in extreme circumstances.

Having the membership extended to your family members can mean that the service can be used double times. This is a cost-effective method and used by customers to get a better value for their money.

Does AAA Have a Waiting Period?

If a member wishes to use an emergency service, they might have to wait up to 48 hours if they signed up for a new membership. However, a consumer who chooses to pay a one-time fee will not have to wait this long. To reduce the wait time, make sure you mention the correct location of your car when calling for a service.

It is recommended to mention the street name or the route number. The more details you provide, the easier it will be for the truck driver to find you and offer faster service.

In conclusion, if you keep these rules and regulations in mind and renew your membership as required, you can certainly benefit a lot from them in case of an emergency. Just make sure to carry a car emergency kit along with you and be safe on the road.