Five Ways to Get Rid of a Frog on the Toilet


A frog in the bathroom isn’t as unusual as one might think. However, these creatures can become trapped inside using the sewer, bathroom door, or main vent pipe. If you encounter a frog in your bathroom, you may want to move it outdoors. Most people choose to flush the frog down the toilet and think that the problem is solved.

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Ultimately, it doesn’t work because the creature can easily return from the sewer. If you’ve found a frog on toilet, you may want to consider other ways to get rid of it.

Can You Flush a Frog Down Toilet?

This may seem like the easiest way to scare the frog off, but the frog doesn’t disappear. Instead it could hide around the pipe until there is no one in sight. This means that the frog would come again and cause trouble over time. So if the question, can you flush frog down toilet has ever crossed your mind, you may want to avoid that solution.

In some sewer systems, a flushed frog may not survive for a long time. There are quite a few reasons why it is not suitable to flush a frog in the toilet.

Plumbing Issue

If you found a frog jumping around in your bathroom or lying quietly in a corner, it might not have come from your toilet. Instead, it might have gotten access to your bathroom through the front door. What if you come across a giant frog and you try to flush it down? This could cause line blockage, which means that you’ll have to call a plumber to resolve the problem.

Easy to Return

While seeing a frog jumping around in your bathroom may be irritating, you shouldn’t flush it away. Due to their large and round toes, they can easily linger on the toilet’s surface. It might be a waste of time to flush a front down the toilet because once it has become stuck in the pipe, you may not be able to flush it out completely.

Also, there is no guarantee that the frog will not return to the toilet if you plan to release it back into the sewer where it came from.

Water Wastage

Frogs are also hard to flush down the toilet because of the amount of water that it might take. You may not even succeed in keeping the frog away from your toilet or bathroom after wasting so much water. If you find more than one frog in the toilet and for every frog, you try to flush it down, this would only increase your water bill as well as waste a huge amount of water.

Sometimes flushing the frog down the toilet would leave you angry because it doesn’t solve the problem. The thought of crushing a frog would also be disturbing for many people. It can actually be released into the garden without flushing. Simply scoop it up and let it out anywhere if possible.

How Do the Frogs Enter the Toilet?

It’s important to figure out how these tiny creatures get into the toilet in the first place in order to prevent them from coming in the near future.

Bathroom Door

If you see a frog in your bathroom, chances are that they may have accessed it through the main door. This could happen if you have left the door open or the windows are opened. Frogs can easily make their way to the toilet from outside if you have a garden nearby.


If you find any sewer opening nearby, frogs can easily gain access to the bathroom via the opening. Either that, or if there is a crack in the sewer line, the frog can travel all the way from the line to the toilet.

How to Get Rid of the Frog in Your Toilet

Now that you’ve understood how the frogs can reach the toilet and why it isn’t suitable to flush the frog down the toilet, you can consider alternative solutions. There are several ways to get rid of the frog once and for all.


If you feel comfortable enough to scoop out the frog yourself, then this method can prove to be highly successful because you won’t ever have to deal with the frogs again. All you need to do is put on your gloves and gently place it in the garden nearby.

You can also contact pest control if you aren’t able to remove the frog yourself instead of using harsh chemicals or other ineffective techniques.

Repair Broken Pipes

Check for any issues in the sewer pipe because any small crack in the pipe would allow the frogs to enter. Contact a plumber who would identify any problems associated with the sewer pipe.

If you don’t resolve the issue in time, the waste and dump could easily enter the groundwater, which could pose a great threat in terms of health and cleanliness.

Leave the Lights on

To scare away the frogs, you can turn the lights on and leave them for an hour or two. In this way, you can prevent frogs coming into your toilet as they do not prefer bright settings.

This can also encourage other creatures that live in the dark to get away from the bathroom and look for other places.

Place Barriers

If you’ve got greenery close by, there are chances that frogs can enter the toilet. For instance, if there is a tree branch near the roof, frogs can make their way to the toilet via the roof easily. So add a barrier around it or between access points to the bathroom.

Build a Sanctuary

Frogs thrive in water as well as places with a lot of moisture. Therefore, they are looking for areas where they can survive easily. Therefore, you can build a sanctuary for frogs so they don’t find a reason to go to the toilet. You can also get assistance from animal or pest control for safely removing the creatures from the premises.

If you’ve been flushing frogs down your toilet, it’s time to look for other ways. There is an easier alternative to eliminating frogs from your bathroom than flushing them down the toilet. If you do find these creatures, look for a way to get them out of your bathroom. If a frog is able to enter your toilet, other creepy things may appear there too. So block all the pathways that frogs use to get into your bathroom.