Blaine Graboyes and His Recent Gaming License Refusal

Image: Blaine Graboyes

Over 4000 projects have been produced for entertainment, business, and fine arts customers since Graboyes began in the 1990s. These include Sony, Disney, Warner Bros., and Whitney museums. Most of Blaine’s inventions and novelties connect to skill-based games and video game gambling. He holds multiple copyrights for his inventions.

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Goldman’s Early Life

Graduating from Bennington College in 1995, Graboyes went on to chase a profession in law enforcement. He received a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics, Sculpture, and Art from Vermont State University. Several awards have been presented for his work. Blaine is vigorously involved in the gaming industry. He has been a former board member of the PGA (Producers Guild of America) and several other boards.

In 1996, he founded the first DVD company in New York, ZUMA digital, and grew it to $5M annually. ZUMA digital served clients from top entertainment firms, including Sony, Warner Bros., Disney, etc. Later he created a transmedia studio, WW Biggies, in 2007 with ex-Nickelodeon and Spike president Albie Hecht. He raised over $10 million in revenue with WW Biggies.

Graboyes and GameCo

Blaine Graboyes has been CEO of the world’s leading online gaming and gambling platform, GameCo, since May 2015. GameCo LLC established new gaming and gambling experiences for young people, including arcade-style gaming on land and online. With GameCo’s mobile platform, you can enjoy your favorite mobile apps and video games while at the same time winning money.

A massive global industry has appeared around video game competitions, mainly untouched by the casino industry. Sportsbooks at casinos could profit from the growth of esports by taking bets on video game competitions. The industry could be worth millions of dollars if it takes off as expected.

With more than 20 years’ experience designing video games and a partnership with a small tribal casino in southwestern Colorado, Graboyes was right there. He worked on developing the company and taking it to a whole new level, introducing the latest and evergreen gambling and online gaming experiences to a worldwide audience.

The Big Announcement

The Nevada Gaming Commission came to a 2-1 decision on Feb. 18 to deny Graboyes a license, a finding of suitability, and any future employment as a director, officer, or manager and as a critical employee of his company.

Will GameCo Replace Blaine Graboyes?

In an announcement made by GameCo, they answered the query and said that GameCo would end up replacing Blaine Graboyes. They said that the company will soon be announcing the hiring of a new CEO. It is because Nevada’s Gaming Commission (NGC) denied Graboyes’s license for gaming. Until then, Chief Financial Officer Art Hamilton, the company’s head of global business development, and Chief Financial Officer Rich Maryyanek will lead the Las Vegas-based operator.

Blaine Graboyes answered Commission members’ questions for more than four hours, focusing on the nearly 300-page report he wrote for Beyond Gaming concerning his time in that position from 2012 to 2014.

Graboyes was not able to assure the commission members that he was not responsible for the bankruptcy of the company named Beyond Gaming. He was one of the main consultants of the company from 2012 to 2014.

According to him, Beyond Gaming was a big success, but he wanted to purchase the company’s technology for $50,000 when it wasn’t worth that much. Graboyes has denied that he plotted the bankruptcy. However, Graboyes resigned the following day as CEO of GameCo.

How Graboyes Responded

As of the meeting of GameCo’s Control Board, Graboyes had only read the report that GameCo’s compliance committee had reviewed. After being asked about the bankruptcy, Graboyes said that his key aim was to achieve the best results for everyone participating. He further said that after Beyond Gaming’s insolvency, the company’s shareholders and investors pushed for bankruptcy.

Graboyes says that he worked for over a year to save the company from going bankrupt. But all his statements defended himself against the outcomes of the commission. Stepping down from the post of CEO of GameCo was a decision of interest to various online gaming platforms. Everyone is looking forward to seeing what ventures will be taken on by Graboyes.

Who Replaced Graboyes at GameCo?

Art Hamilton now serves as the company’s chief executive and financial officer. Rich Maryyanek is serving as the business growth manager. A member of the advisory board, Adam Rosenberg, is also assisting in guiding the company regarding searching for a new CEO.

According to the company’s recent statement, generating innovative games for online casinos and mobile apps is the core mission of GameCo’s senior team. GameCo’s website has removed Graboyes’s profile.