Axe Puns – The Most Common Ones


Puns have been around for a long time, and many people use them in their daily vernacular as a way of just making jokes. In the simplest of terms, a pun is basically a joke that’s made to exploit the various meanings of a particular word, or it could use another word that sounds similar, but may have a different meaning.

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There have been a bunch of puns made on different topics, and considering the fact that an axe is such a common tool that is used virtually all around the globe and in a variety of different industries, you can expect a whole lot of puns made about axes. In the following article, we will highlight a few.

1. “When firefighters lose their jobs, are they fired or given the axe?”

This is one of the most common puns that you are likely to hear when we talk about axe puns. “Given the axe” is a common expression used to depict a person getting fired, so you can see how this has been interchangeably used. The pun becomes all the funnier when you realize that firefighters often use axes to break down doors.

It is a very common tool that is used by firefighters, so the “given the axe” makes it all the funnier.

2. “Where does a lumberjack buy his axes? At the Chopping Maul.”

Lumberjacks are professional tree cutters. They don’t just use axes, but they also use a variety of professional tools that are designed to make it easy for them to cut trees down. So, naturally, you were going to find a pun in this article about lumberjacks and axes!

Where does a lumberjack buy his axes? The answer should have been a shopping mall or a private store, but to add a bit of a pun, it’s been changed to a “chopping maul.” Chopping, as you might know, is the act of cutting something down into small pieces. Essentially, this is what lumberjacks do at work. They maul and chop wood.

That is why this pun is so common and often hilarious. However, if you use it in mixed company, you are probably going to get more groans from the audience than laughs, because it perfectly fits the description of what is known as a “dad joke.” Some will understand it, some won’t.

3. “I made a bad joke about an axe. No one laughed. It wasn’t very cleaver.”

Yet another incredibly common and funny pun that you can make about axes is this one. A cleaver is basically a large knife that has a unique shape, but it closely resembles a rectangular hatchet. Cleavers are most commonly used by butchers to cut large pieces of meat. They use cleavers and bring them down with force to cut the meat and chop the bones.

This is a fairly clever sentence, as it creates a pun on cleaver and clever. Again, it is one of the “dad jokes” out there, so don’t expect to get a lot of plaudits for this one. However, it’s funny. When it is written in the right forum or group, it could invoke a pretty fun response.

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4. “My friends got together to play electric guitar, but the distance from the wall to their axes was too great. Luckily, they had a power chord!”

This is a fun one, mainly because it puts a pun on not just the axe, but also the word “cord.” In essence, a cord is just a wire. However, in this sentence, it has been interchanged with “chord,” which is a set of notes that must be strummed or played together.

Power chords are commonly used in metal music and rock music, which is why they are often considered “loud.” Also, for those who don’t know, electric guitars are often known as “axes” by artists and musicians. This just makes the pun a bit funnier, though you will need an audience who understands the meaning behind this to make them laugh!

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5. “What do you call it when an axe lands on your feet? An Axe-ident.”

This one is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. It replaces the “axe” sound in the word accident with the actual axe because that’s what the accident was described about. It might not be a fun joke when you are talking about something else, but if you are in an audience who knows how to laugh, this one might work well.

Keep in mind that most of all the puns that are described in this article are only going to have their desired effect when you are with the right group of people. For instance, you are going to ace them if you are in a bad joke contest or in a pun competition. However, if you are with some straight-faced people, this might not work as well.

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6. “I spent the last three hours looking for my axe. Then, it suddenly hit me!”

Again, a pretty common, yet funny axe pun. “Suddenly hit me” is an expression that something came to mind, but in this sentence, it’s been used as a physical hit!

These are some of the most common puns that you are going to hear about axes, and you can always use them with a variety of different audiences to see what kind of impact they have!