Are Pisces Moody?


Some particular signs are known to be incredibly moody. Their behavior changes, their emotions fluctuate, and they go from one to a hundred. You might name a few: Scorpio, Aries, and Cancer. But what about this fish sign? Are Pisces moody?

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Pisces are known for their dreamy tendencies. They’re creative and artistic, favoring writing, painting, and theater. Their emotions, however, are another story altogether. Today, we’re going to take an in-depth look at Pisces, their moodiness, and nature. Hop in!

The Truth Behind Pisces’ Moody Traits

Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac, making it the final sign in the zodiacal cycle. This is why this sign mixes many characteristics of the eleven signs preceding it, including mood swings.

Along with Scorpio and Cancer, Pisces is a water sign. These signs are known to be emotionally-driven: they feel things deeply and can instantly sink into certain moods without prompt.

Water signs like Pisces are often prone to be overcome by emotion. However, they’re also incredibly astute when it comes to observing and reading moods. This makes them extremely sensitive in relationships: they know when to push forward and hold back.

How Pisces Act When They’re Moody

No one can deny it. Pisces are intense feelers, and this little fact aids them in everyday life. Their emotional intelligence is better than most, which is a double-edged sword. At their best, they’re healing, supportive, and incredibly understanding. They can provide a positive space to recover and mend without judgment.

A Pisces worst, however, is a whole other story. At their worst, they can be viciously manipulative and emotionally abuse people for their own personal gain. They can even drain the life force of those closest to them.

When a Pisces is moody, it’s best to give them the space they need. Since they’re so wrapped up in emotions, they most likely can’t be reasoned with. Let them ride out their emotional high!

Do Pisces Have Mood Swings?

Pisces are sensitive to their surroundings. Yes, they’re moody, and yes, they have mood swings. Sometimes, the smallest thing can set a Pisces off. It can hurtle them into a spiral of anxiety and sadness.

Many will tell you this is because Pisces have trouble dealing with their emotions. They can’t healthily confront them: they bottle them up. Then, at the worst times, a Pisces explodes at the slightest tick.

Pisces don’t do well with conflict, either. They internalize it, causing themselves a lot of mental pain. This makes them even more prone to lashing out, which can be challenging to deal with for the people around them.

How Pisces Deal With Their Mood Swings

Of course, dealing with Pisces mood swings can be challenging. As soon as they hear something they don’t like (like the truth!), they get defensive and angry.

Forgiveness isn’t the end of the story, either; Pisces are notorious grudge-holders, even up there with Scorpios. They won’t tell what’s wrong, though. Instead, they’ll wait for you to figure it out on your own and repent.

The secret to dealing with Pisces mood swings is simple: compromise. Other signs ignore their conflicts or pretend they never happen. On the other hand, Pisces enjoy compromising to resolve disputes; when left unresolved, a conflict can cause intense mood swings for a Pisces.

Are Pisces Grumpy?

Certain Zodiac signs can make everyone around them miserable. They’re grumpy, ill-tempered, and easily irritable. Scorpios might instantly come to mind, but what about Pisces?

Oh, they’re definitely grumpy. It’s no surprise to anyone that Pisces has some challenging traits. When mixed with sensitivity, their dreaminess can cause more bad than good.

How Pisces Act When They’re Grumpy

Since they’re so sensitive, the smallest of matters can get through to a Pisces. And when they build up, they become more painful to handle, and a Pisces grows even more erratic.

A Pisces’ grumpiness doesn’t only affect them. It can affect anyone around them. When in a bad mood, a Pisces can suck out a room’s good energy without even trying.

This is why they should find a creative outlet to unload. Creativity is a strong point for many Pisces out there, and a lot of them use it to cope with their most unwelcome feelings.

Are Pisces Bad at Relationships?

Pisces seek romance and connection. They crave love and intimacy. They certainly aren’t bad at relationships, although, with the wrong sign, things can turn sour very quickly.

People born under this Zodiac sign have a unique love personality. They have trouble keeping a balance within themselves in their relationships. Sometimes, this equilibrium is shattered, and they have to work through the wreckage.

Pisces like freedom, even if they’re in a relationship. That means they hate being forced to do things. It’s just that they seek their desires instinctively, so trying to control them will repress them. Trying to control a Pisces never ends well.

How to Deal With a Pisces in a Relationship

Even though they’re emotional, Pisces don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. They’re not very showy when it comes to emotions. This is why you need to look out for subtle hints, especially in relationships: do they sweat when they’re nervous? Do they prefer to be alone when upset?

Pisces are known to have their heads in the clouds. In a relationship, this tendency could translate to flakiness or unreliability. Trying to confront a Pisces with this flaw could backfire: they’re highly reactive and could get defensive and quickly shut down.

This is why Pisces must always remember that their partner’s view matters. They’re just as worthy of contemplation as their own. Feedback doesn’t have to be necessarily personal attacks. Of course, this is where communication is critical.


Pisces may be moody, but we love them for it. After all, it’s what makes them so emotionally intelligent and empathetic. They understand emotion more than most of the other Zodiac signs. They may have some notable flaws, but then again, who doesn’t?