What Aaron Zang’s Story Teaches Us?


If you want to know who the poker king is, then it is the only one and only Aaron Zang. He didn’t have it easy in life, and he struggled throughout his younger years. But did we ever think that success would come easily? Definitely not, and Aaron is a prime example of when luck is in your favor.

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He started his poker journey by playing online. There are no surprises there, as the world of the Internet houses many poker challenges. But little did we know that one could embark on the path of owning the game with the right skills.

With Aaron, things were on a rollercoaster ride. One minute, he was broke; the next minute, he was a millionaire. His life was chaotic — his parents did not have it easy either — but behind the uneasiness and ambition lay a genius guy who knew how to win at poker.

How It Started

Zang was a ghost playing online with not-so-high stakes. He would take the days as they come. His incredible story is the reason why everyone should believe in themselves. No one knows the hidden truth unless we test ourselves.

Triton Million

During the Triton Million event, London was blazing with a few of the top poker players in town. Amongst them there was a nobody — Aaron Zang. He aspired to challenge the Kings of Poker at that time. Bryne Kenney was the most talked-of poker player who had broken numerous records in the game and always managed to stay on the top ranks.

He was one of the big dogs, but Zang not so much. Kenney was the New Yorker who has made All-Time Money Leader and bagged more than $30 million in different tournaments. Comparing Zang with Kenny, Zang didn’t stand a chance. He invested millions on tournament buy-ins but just was not ready to make it big yet. Instead, he was failing yet again to rank in the top 100 for China’s All-time Money list.

Kenney vs. Zang

There were so many things that went against Aaron Zang. The duo were complete opposites. Their competency and experience were a pole apart. Kenney had a remarkable skill set, which is why he was always on the better end of the deal; he knew that his skills were like no other, but he also had the discipline and the passion that led him to secure a lead position in the game.

The biggest victory for Kenney was that even before the battle on the poker table, his fans celebrated his inevitable victory. However, on that very day, the universe had something else planned for Zang. Not soon after the celebrations and the hype, Aaron was able to turn the tables in his favor and won the title and the unimaginable prize money of £GBP 13.78m (RMB 125m).

Things to Live by From Aaron Zang’s Story

There are many things in life that can challenge us. There will be moments that will bring you down; however, that is the point of life. If you really believe in something then it is best that you follow Aaron Zang and his life example.

Find Out What You Love

If you want to make it big like Aaron, then you will need to search for something you are very passionate about. Perhaps it is a game such as poker or it is a career that you want to pursue for the rest of your life; whatever it is, it is important that you identify it.

Everyone has different passions; however, you must focus on eliminating the different obstacles that come between you and the passion.

Take Baby Steps Towards the Goal

Once you know what you love, it is time that you chalk out all your limitations. This is when you can develop a plan to solve those issues. You can start taking baby steps such as applying for the job that you want to do but don’t meet the requirements for. You can develop a great cover letter explaining to the employer how you can do well in the job.

If you love a game, you can start learning about it from the experts. Google also has a lot of information that you can use to excel in the game. Whatever it is that you love, start making action plans to do it. Follow the example of Zang, who started perfecting the game online before going into the real world.

Stay Committed

To make it big like Aaron Zang, there is no doubt that you have to stay committed to your love for what you do. No matter where you stand in your life, you have to believe that the one thing you love doing will come to you even if it may not be the best time.

In the same way that Aaron was not able to complete the Poker Challenge in China because he was a high schooler, you will have to remain persistent too. At the end of the day, he has won millions by not giving up on his dreams.


Stay strong and stay true to your passion. Aaron Zang is an example of reaching your true potential through commitment and following what you love.